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Move & Balance Educators Pack

Move & Balance Educators Pack

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Our delightful journey of discovery begins with our "What Balances and Shapes Can Your Body Make?” 3 book bundle!

"Shapes": Join your little one in exploring the fascinating world of shapes! From circles to squares, triangles to rectangles, this interactive board book introduces toddlers to basic shapes through colourful illustrations and engaging activities.

"Balancing": Roll the dice and embark on a balancing adventure! This charming board book encourages toddlers to test their coordination and balance skills with fun challenges inspired by dice rolls. From balancing on one foot to reaching for the sky, each page brings a new, exciting activity to try!

"Animal Balancing": Let's learn balance with our animal friends! From wobbly bear to graceful stork, this adorable board book features cute illustrations of animals balancing in various poses. Your little one will giggle and learn as they mimic these animal moves, discovering the joy of balance along the way. This book is also available as Noah's Ark (done in pairs) for our Kids Clubs.

With sturdy pages perfect for tiny hands and captivating illustrations that spark imagination, this bundle is tailored to engage and delight curious toddlers. Get ready for giggles, learning, and endless fun with our book bundle!

For our Kids Clubs, we have thought-provoking questions that cover essential concepts such as balance and stability, mirroring the spiritual stability God provides; appreciation of God's intelligent design; understanding order and sequence through numbers; mindfulness and focus on God's teachings; building physical strength and spiritual endurance; and learning to trust in God's guidance. Additionally, we explore the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, reflecting God's miraculous design and transformation in nature, teaching children about His wonders through fun, faith-based activities.

3 x saddle stitch books

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